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Inputs 3 Voltage / 3 Current: calculation of neutral current
Sample Rate128 per Cycle6.4kHz at 50Hz7.68kHz at 60Hz
SpecificationRangeMeasurement RangeResolutionAccuracy (Typical)
Vrms1000V P to N10 to 1000V0.1V±0.2% Rdg + 0.2V
Urms1000V P to P17 to 1700V0.1V±0.2% Rdg + 0.4V
Amps @ 50 and 60Hz
Amps (1V nominal)
(excluding clamp accuracy
Probe dependent0.2%< I < 120% InomProbe dependent±0.2% Rdg + 0.02% Inom
AmpFLEX & MiniFlex 
(including sensor accuracy)
Range 100A 
Range 400A
Range 2kA
Range 10kA
200mA to 120A
5 to 440A
50 to 2400A
400A to 12kA
0.1A & 1A
±1.2% Rdg + 50mA
±1.2% Rdg + 0.2A
±1.2% Rdg + 1A
±1.2% Rdg + 5A
Frequency 42.5 to 69Hz0.01Hz±0.1Hz
Watts (VA, var) P-Q-S10W to 10GW / 10var to 10Gvar / 10VA to 10GVA4 digits min±0.5% Rdg + 0.005% Pnom
Power Factor (Cos Φ/DPF)-1  to 10.001±0.05
kWh (kVAh, kvarh) P-Q-SUp to 4EWh / 4Evarh / 4 EVAh (E = 1018 )±0.5% Rdg
HarmonicsDC, 1 to 50
Volts & Amp >#/strong### 0.01 to 655.0>#/td###0.01>#/td###±1% Rdg from 1 to 25
THD 0.00 to 655.0>#/td###0.01>#/td###±1% Rdg
General Features
CaseDesign Rugged, shock proof with integrated protective holster, IP54 not included terminals. Shock and vibration IEC61010
InterfaceIsolated USB, Bluetooth, and Ethernet, SD card for direct transfer to PC. Dataview software for real time data, configuration and reporting included
Memory8GB SD card (SDHC compliant, FAT32 formatted)  32GB max
DisplayLCD with backlight
Real-Time ClockTime and date stamp for Trend mode
PowerAC 110V/230V 50/60Hz 15VA; Battery backup when power OFF, 60 minutes typical
Dimensions (L x W x H)10.08 x 4.92 x 1.46” (256 x 125 x 37mm)
Weight2.2lbs (1kg)
Altitude Operating2000m (6560ft)
Operating Temperature32 to 108.5°F; (0°C to +42.5°C) from 10 to 85% RH
Storage Temperature-4 to 122°F; (-20°C to +50°C) from 0 to 75% RH with battery pack
Electro-Magnetic-Compatibility (EMC)EN 61326-1 for emission and immunity
IP RatingIP54 per IEC 60529
SafetyIEC/EN 61010-1 (1000V CAT III-600V CAT IV), IEC 1326-1

User Manuals

Models PEL 102 and PEL 103

Modelos PEL 102 y PEL 103 - Spanish (CA France version)

Models PEL 102 and PEL 103 - French (CA France version)

PEL Adapter - English, Spanish, and French

Quick Start Guides

Models PEL 102 and PEL 103

Models PEL 102 and PEL 103 - Spanish

Models PEL 102 and PEL 103 - French


Model PEL 103 - English

Modelo PEL 103 - Spanish


Power Quality

PEL 100 Series

Comparison Charts

Power Analyzer - Current Probe Selection Chart

Power Energy Logger (PEL) Comparison Chart - English

Power Energy Logger (PEL) Comparison Chart - Spanish


DataView Software

Ver. 3.61.0008   Open Release Notes for the latest updates   |   Models Supported by DataView
Release Date: November 12, 2019

DataView Complete (Report generation and control panels)
Executable: Version 3.61.0008 - .exe
Zipped File: 471MB Version 3.61.0008 - .zip


  • Back-up all template files before installation to ensure that they do not get overwritten.
  • Uninstall previous versions of DataView before installing a new version.
  • PQL Loggers and Sentinel Series are no longer supported by DataView. See bottom of the page for a compatible version

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 7 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 8/8.1 (32 & 64 Bit)
Windows 10 (32 & 64 Bit)

Click here for the Minimum System Requirements

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