Switchboard Meters

Upgrade Your Panel with Byram's Metal Case Switchboard Meters

Not only are they a snap to install, the MCS/TMCS switchboard meters are easy to read and built strong for safety. The metal case offers an additional grounding point and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, while requiring no external power source.

The MCS/TMCS switchboard meters are UL listed and comply with ANSI Standard C39.1.  The MCS and TMCS meters have become the #1 go to for Switchgear manufactures, stand by generator companies, and service and maintenance companies.  You too will find Byram's MCS/TMCS switchboard meters are the go to switchboard meter for your application.

Custom scaling, non-standard ranges, and color bands are available on all switchboard meters.

MCS: Pivot and Jewel

Movement is spring loaded and suspended between two sapphire jewels with hardened steel pivots. Based on meter design used for over 100 years.

TMCS: Taut-Band

The MCS meters were created as a drop-in replacements for the then recently discontinued AB/DB 40 Yokogawa switchboard meters. These drop-in replacements for Yokogawa switchboard meters feature a metal can that is made from drawn steel that is powder coated for long life. The MCS features a pivot and jewel movement making it an economical meter. 

In 2021 Byram released the Taut-Band TMCS meter series. The Taut-Band movement offers greater accuracy, improved repeatability, and is able to endure shock. The movements are made with the original Yokogawa tooling making the TMCS the Gold Standard in analog metering.  

Byram's TMCS meters meet the needs of the most demanding environment applications. All MCS and TMCS models are customizable to meet your requirements. 

If you have any questions or would like more information on Byram’s Metal Case Switchboard Meters, reach out to the industry experts at Byram Labs today, we'd be happy to help!

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