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This version of the Alpha meter includes a switchboard mounting enclosure. Alpha meters provide a complex system for complex energy and power measurement, for all types of electric utility billing requirements. The Alpha is user programmable with standard PC computers and EMFPLUS software.

  • Multiple rates - up to 4 tariff periods per day
  • Real & reactive measurements for energy & maximum power
  • Bidirectional power measurements with 4-quadrant reactive
  • Programmable load control activated by time or maximum demand
  • Form C relay pulse outputs of energy quantities, and programmable load control relays
  • Complete load profile data recording for up to 4 energy quantities, and for the entire billing period
  • Remote communications via telephone modem or 20 mA current loop

The FT-21 switchboard meter is built into the Flexitest™ relay enclosure. This consists of a panel-mounted housing with all necessary power and control terminals on the rear of the enclosure; plus a drawout mounting cage for the meter electronics.

The complete meter chassis is mounted on a drawout assembly and all connec - tions are made when the drawout chassis is inserted into the panel-mounted enclosure. Following assembly, an appropriate meter chassis with the desired features, may be inserted into the housing and connected in a matter of moments. Current transformer switches are self-shorting when the CT disconnect switch is opened.

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