AEMC Clamp-on Resistance Tester | Model 6416

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Ground Resistance Measurement (Auto-Ranging 1 to 199Ω)
Measurement RangeResolutionAccuracy
0.010 to 0.099Ω0.001Ω±(1.5%Reading +0.01Ω)
0.10 to 0.99Ω0.01Ω±(1.5%Reading +0.02Ω)
1 to 49.9Ω0.1Ω±(1.5% Reading +0.1Ω)
50.0 to 99.5Ω0.5Ω±(2% Reading +0.5Ω)
100 to 199Ω±(3% Reading +1Ω)
 200 to 395Ω±(5% Reading +5Ω)
400 to 590Ω10Ω±(10% Reading +10Ω)
 600 to 1150Ω50Ω20% approx
1200 to 1500Ω50Ω25% approx
AlarmAdjustable from 1 to 199Ω
Frequency SelectionChoice of 50, 60, 128, or 2083Hz for impedance calculation
Maximum OverloadPermanent current: 100 max. 50/60Hz
Transient current: (<5s) 200A 50/60Hz
Current  Measurement Range (Auto-Ranging)
Measurement RangeResolutionAccuracy
0.200 to 0.999mA1µA±(2% Reading +50µA)
1.000 to 2.990mA10µA±(2% Reading +50µA)
3.00 to 9.99mA10µA±(2% Reading +50µA)
10.00 to 29.99mA100µA±(2% Reading +100µA)
30.0 to 99.9mA100µA±(2% Reading +100µA)
100 to 299.9mA1mA±(2% Reading +1mA)
0.300 to 0.990A1mA±(2% Reading +1mA)
1.000 to 2.999A10mA±(2% Reading +10mA)
3.00 to 39.99A10mA±(2% Reading +10mA)
Loop Inductance Measurement
Measurement rangeResolutionAccuracy
10 to 100µH1µH±(5% Reading +1µH)
100 to 500µH1µH±(3% Reading +1µH)
Contact Voltage (Touch Voltage) Calculated
Measurement rangeResolutionAccuracy
0.1 to 4.9V0.1V±(5% Reading +0.1V)
5.0 to 49.5V0.5V±(5% Reading +0.5V)
50 to 75.0V1V±(10% Reading +1V)
General Features
DisplayOLED, 152 segments 48x39mm
Memory300 measurements
Alarm3 separate alarms (Ω, V and A)
Power Source4x1.5V LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries or 4 NiMH batteries
Battery Life12 hours or 1440 30-seconds tests approx
Jaw Opening1.38” (35mm) max
Dimensions2.16 x 3.74 x 10.31” (55 x 95 x 262mm)
Weight (with Battery)2.06 lbs (935g)
Operating Temperature-4° to +131°F (-20 to +55°C)
Storage Temperature-22° to +158°F (-30 to +70°C)
Relative HumidityUp to 90% @ 40°C
Ingress Protection (IP)IP 40
EMCEN 61326-1
Safety ComplianceIEC 61010-1, EN 61010-2-30, EN 61010-2-32, Pollution Degree 2,  600V CAT IV

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