AEMC 6416 Clamp-on Resistance Tester


SKU: 1C6146

Model: AEMC 6416 Ground Resistance Tester

Part Number: 2141.01

Ordering Number: 1C6146


The Ground Resistance Tester Model 6416 measures ground rod and grid resistance and impedance without the use of auxiliary rods. Clamp-on ground resistance testers can be used in multi-grounded systems without disconnecting or de-energizing the ground system under test. The Model 6416 simply clamps around the grounding electrode or conductor and measures the resistance to ground. By performing measurements on intact ground systems, the user also verifies the quality of the grounding connections and bonds. Resistance and continuity of grounding loops around pads and buildings may also be measured.

Display OLED, 152 segments 48x39mm
Memory 300 measurements
Alarm 3 separate alarms (Ω, V and A)
Power Source 4x1.5V LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries or 4 NiMH batteries
Battery Life 12 hours or 1440 30-seconds tests approx
Jaw Opening 1.38” (35mm) max
Dimensions 2.16 x 3.74 x 10.31” (55 x 95 x 262mm)
Weight (with Battery) 2.06 lbs (935g)
Operating Temperature -4° to +131°F (-20 to +55°C)
Storage Temperature -22° to +158°F (-30 to +70°C)
Relative Humidity Up to 90% @ 40°C
Ingress Protection (IP) IP 40

EN 61326-1


Ground Resistance Measurement (Auto-Ranging 1 to 199Ω)

Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
0.010 to 0.099Ω 0.001Ω ±(1.5%Reading +0.01Ω)
0.10 to 0.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(1.5%Reading +0.02Ω)
1 to 49.9Ω 0.1Ω ±(1.5% Reading +0.1Ω)
50.0 to 99.5Ω 0.5Ω ±(2% Reading +0.5Ω)
100 to 199Ω ±(3% Reading +1Ω)
 200 to 395Ω ±(5% Reading +5Ω)
400 to 590Ω 10Ω ±(10% Reading +10Ω)
 600 to 1150Ω 50Ω 20% approx
1200 to 1500Ω 50Ω 25% approx
Alarm Adjustable from 1 to 199Ω
Frequency Selection Choice of 50, 60, 128, or 2083Hz for impedance calculation
Maximum Overload Permanent current: 100 max. 50/60Hz
Transient current: (<5s) 200A 50/60Hz


Current  Measurement Range (Auto Ranging)

Measurement Range Resolution Accuracy
0.200 to 0.999mA 1µA ±(2% Reading +50µA)
1.000 to 2.990mA 10µA ±(2% Reading +50µA)
3.00 to 9.99mA 10µA ±(2% Reading +50µA)
10.00 to 29.99mA 100µA ±(2% Reading +100µA)
30.0 to 99.9mA 100µA ±(2% Reading +100µA)
100 to 299.9mA 1mA ±(2% Reading +1mA)
0.300 to 0.990A 1mA ±(2% Reading +1mA)
1.000 to 2.999A 10mA ±(2% Reading +10mA)
3.00 to 39.99A 10mA ±(2% Reading +10mA)


Measurement range Resolution Accuracy
10 to 100µH 1µH ±(5% Reading +1µH)
100 to 500µH 1µH ±(3% Reading +1µH)

Contact Voltage

Measurement range Resolution Accuracy
0.1 to 4.9V 0.1V ±(5% Reading +0.1V)
5.0 to 49.5V 0.5V ±(5% Reading +0.5V)
50 to 75.0V 1V ±(10% Reading +1V)


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