AEMC Model 1950 Thermal Camera


SKU: 1C9647

Model: AEMC 1950 Thermal Imaging IR Camera

Part Number: 2121.40

Ordering Number: 1C9647


The Thermal Imaging IR Camera Model 1950 is equipped with infrared thermography detection technology that has become an indispensable means ensuring safety in industrial production. It is used in sectors of industry as diverse as metallurgy and steel-making, electric power, petroleum, automation, the exploitation of natural gas, and transportation, and in other committed professions such as fire-fighting and border surveillance. Infrared thermal imaging provides a real-time non-contact inspection method. This detection method does not require you to shut off power, shut down the machines or interrupt production. It can diagnose latent malfunctions in advance, and so forestall their occurrence and prevent production incidents. Thermal imaging is an innovative non-contact evaluation technique that is safe, reliable, and rapid.

Data Storage 2 GB micro SD card included (approx. 4,000 images)
Replaceable with up to 32 GB SD card
Communication USB link and Bluetooth
Tripod Mounting 1/4” insert on camera (tripod not included)
Software CAmReport software included, for data analysis and report generation
Power Supply 4 x AA (1.5V) alkaline or NiMH rechargeable batteries with charger included
Battery Life 13:30 hours typical (11 hours minimum)
Operating Temperature -4° to 122°F (-15° to 50°C); 95% RH
Storage Temperature -40° to 158°F (-40° to 70°C)
Dimensions 8.86 x 4.92 x 3.27” (225 x 125 x 83mm)
Weight 24.7 oz (700g) with batteries
Ingress Protection IP 54
EMC EN61326-1
Safety IEC 61010-1 Ed. 02


Detector Resolution 80 x 80
Type UFPA microbolometer, 8-14µm
Frequency 9Hz
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD)

80mK @ 86°F (30°C)



Temperature Range -4° to +482°F (-20° to +250°C)
Accuracy ± 3.6° F (±2 °C) or ±2% of Reading


Field of View 20° x 20°
IFOV (Spatial Resolution) 4.4mrad
Minimum Focus Distance 1.3ft (0.4m), fixed focus


Resolution 320 x 240
Minimum Focus Distance 2” (0.05m), fixed focus


Images Displayed Infrared image, visual image with automatic parallax compensation. Merging of both images is possible with included PC software
LCD Screen 2.8” (7.1cm)
Freezing of Image Animated or fixed image
Adjustment Automatic or manual adjustment of palette min-max
Display Colors Pseudo-colors, multiple palettes


Measurement Tools 1 manual cursor + 1 automatic detection + Min-Max on adjustable area + temperature profile + Isotherm
Parameter Settings Emissivity, environmental temperature, distance, relative humidity
Voice Recordings Via Bluetooth headset (included)
External Measurements AEMC current clamps 407, 607 and Multimeters MTX3292 and MTX3293

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