GE I210+ kWh Digital Meter Fm2S, 200A, 120/240 volts, kWh meter


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SKU: 1C4541

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Model: GE I210+ kWh Digital Meter Fm2S, 200A, 120/240 volts, kWh meter

Part Number: I210+

Ordering Number: 1C4541

I-210 line of single phase residential electric meters brings a range of residential solutions from core electronic energy-only meters to smart metering solutions with advanced functionality for new Smart Grid deployments.

The powerful and easy-to-use meters give electric utilities real-time instrumentation, power quality monitoring and access vital usage data.

  • Reliable and accurate cash register for utilities.
  • AMR/AMI plug-and-play functionality.
  • Multiple communication technologies tied to AMI systems for reliable and timely data.
  • Smart metering functions such as time -of-use demand metering and service switch capabilities.
  • Demand side management through pre-payment and demand limiting features.
  • Advanced functions such as reactive measurement and, IEEE reliability indices measurement.
  • Robust meter security and standards compliance.

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