Byram TMCS Analog AC Ammeter, 0-10 Amperes, Input 5AAC

Byram Labs

SKU: 1D2017

The Gold Series Taut-Band Metal Case Switchboard meters are exactly what you are looking for.  The TMCS was designed to meet the needs for new installations as well as direct drop in replacements for meters that are no longer in production.

The Taut-Band movement was developed to eliminate friction and withstand shake and vibration.  The result also improved accuracy and repeatability.   

The TMCS complies with the ANSI C39.1 (1981) specification. 

The TMCS is built with a 250% scale  that is easily read at multiple distances and angles. Custom Color and ranges are available. 

Model: TMCS 103 131 LSLS

SKU: 1D2017

Description:  AC Ammeter  0-10 AC Amperes (Scale), 0-5 AAC (Input), 40/70Hz


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