MCS 106452AAAA | Analog Synchroscope Meter | Slow-Fast, 120 Volt, 60Hz

Byram Labs

SKU: 1D0094

Model:  MCS Analog 106 452 AAAA

Ordering Number: 1D0094

Scale: "Slow-Fast"

Normal Frequency: 60 Hz

Synchroscopes-Pivot & Jewel, 120 Volt

The Platinum Series of high quality Switchboard Instruments complies with the American ANSI-C39.1 accuracy class 1 specification. Available in the 4 1/2"case size, their rugged design characteristics meet the needs of the most demanding environment applications. Engineering know-how, based on time-proven designs and worldwide use, is built into every switchboard instrument. With Byram, you always get products with proven reliability and accuracy. Models are customizable to meet customers various requirements.

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