Meter-Treater CL320 Series


SKU: 1C9763

Model: Meter Treater CL320

Ordering Number: 1C9763 

The CL320 Series Meter Based SPD is for use in 320 Amp continuous meter sockets and stops surges right at the electric meter, before they can enter your home or business. Suppressing power surges since 1987.

Units are equipped with SUNBRIGHT® diagnostics with 1000 MCD LEDs that are fully visible in the brightest sunlight allowing fast and accurate readings in the field. Units contain “Smart Sensing Technology” that distinguishes between surges and overcurrent events. The product complies with all current and proposed safety requirements.

The CL320 is a Type 1 Surge Protection Device (SPD) that is Listed to ANSI/UL 1449.

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