ABB 1500:5 CMV Current Transformers


SKU: 1B6965

Model: ABB 1500:5 CMV Current Transformers Part Number: 7524A75G08 Ordering Number: 1B6965
The CMV transformer is designed for pad-mounted distribution transformer metering. It is available in two external designs, tapered bottom and wide bottom, for adaptability to a variety of mounting arrangements. Both designs can be mounted directly over the LV terminals of pad mounted distribution transformers.
The CMV transformer has an oval shaped ring-type core and fully distributed winding assembled around a glass-filled polypropylene window liner. Features:
  • 600 volt indoor or outdoor, 10 kV BIL, 25 through 60 hertz
  • Primary amperes: CMV 100-4000; CMV Hi-Temp 200-4000
  • 3.5" x 4.5" (88.9 mm x 114.3 mm) oval window
  • Designed for pad-mounted distribution transformer metering
  • This unit meets all applicable IEEE and NEMA standards

Thermoplastic rubber insulating material is permanently molded to the core and coil assembly on both designs, resulting in a compact unit with excellent mechanical, thermal, and dielectric characteristics.

The CMV and CMV-Hi Temp both have an oval primary opening suited to fit over the secondary spade in pad-mounted transformers.

The CMV and CMV Hi-Temp transformers are supplied with large compression-type secondary terminals, a short circuit device, and a clear, rectangular snap-on cover suitable for locking with a meter seal. This clear plastic cover allows a visual check of connections and is keyed to a short circuit device to ensure proper installation. Terminals can also serve as a posttype connector by looping wire under the screw head.

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